SMART for Vancouver

This transit advocacy site has two main goals:

  • Promote the implementation of the appropriate mode of transit for the Broadway corridor in Vancouver. As the name implies, there is a significant emphasis on Light Rail Transit, but that is because LRT is best suited to supply higher-order suburban transit needs. Where appropriate, subway technology is promoted on this site.
  • Promote a more equitable fare structure across different transit operators in Vancouver. Fare equity involves as simple a system as possible that strikes a balance between charging based on the length of a journey while still attracting longer-distance commuters to transit.

All opinions are welcome on our Blog, even if it differs with the site’s general point of view. However, we reserve the right to delete derogatory comments.



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  1. fredinno says:

    “Advocating for this idea is a colossal waste of time and money for three simple reasons:

    No benefits to Central Broadway riders
    Far longer travel times to/from UBC
    Doesn’t eliminate the 99 B-Line”


    1. adamfitch says:

      Thanks for your comment, Fredinno. Actually, it does do all three of those things.

      1. By relieving the demand on the broadway line, it makes west broadway more accessible. People can travel on the lrt on 16th ave, get off and walk, bike or bus the 7 blocks to broadway or the 6 blocks to 10th ave. And the stops will be closer together and easier to access than stops on a broadway subway would be.

      2. The lrt will only take a few minutes more to ubc than a subway would take. And be a much more pleasant ride.

      3. The 99 b line could continue to operate, if need be. In fact, with the cost savings of tis project, it could even be improved.


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